Types of WordPress Web Hosting: Which One Should You Pick?

While choosing the best WordPress hosting platform, you should know the various types of hosting. I am sure that you must have heard different types of WordPress web hosting terms such as Shared, Dedicated, etc. However, the significant difference between these WordPress hosting types is power, support and traffic support. So let us check all kinds of WordPress web hosting.

different type of web hosting

Different Types of Wordpress Web Hosting Comparison

Hosting TypeTrafficPriceSupport
SharedUpto 50kCheapLess
VPSUpto 200kBudgetGood
CloudUpto 10MBudgetNo
ManagedUpto 20MHighFull
DedicatedUpto 100MExpensiveLess

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

wordpress shared hosting type

Shared hosting is often known as “Web hosting“. Shared hosting means many websites are using the “primary server”. In other words, different sites are “sharing” the same dedicated server in real time. That is why the “primary server” is always flooded with stress and high load.

Suitable choice for

  • Personal blog/portfolio
  • Low traffic website


  • Very cheap WordPress hosting type
  • Wide availability and several online help tutorials
  • Easy to launch your WordPress blog in minutes
  • Fully managed by the hosting providers


  • No dedicated IP
  • Limited server power
  • No root access (less control on hosting)
  • Other users can put your website at high-security risk
  • Less support by hosting company
  • Your account may get suspended if you exceed the server power limit

Get shared hosting

2. VPS WordPress Hosting

wordpress vps hosting type

A VPS WordPress hosting is same as Shared hosting but with less number of users using a “primary server”. In addition to this, VPS hosting allows all the websites to function independently. Every VPS hosting you purchase, you get a fixed amount of RAM and CPU cores. That is what makes VPS hosting much more reliable as compared to Shared hosting type.

Suitable choice for

  • Small business agency
  • Medium traffic blogs
  • Run custom web scripts


  • Better performance than shared hosting
  • Comes under budget price
  • More control over your hosting
  • Other users cannot put the load on your website


  • You need to manage your own hosting server
  • A little bit of advance knowledge is required
  • Typically no one-click WordPress installation
  • Expect less or not support from VPS hosting provider

3. Cloud WordPress Hosting

wordpress cloud hosting type

WordPress Cloud hosting is the same as shared hosting but it is highly stable as it builds on KVM Virtualization. On the other hand, shared hosting is built on OpenVZ, para-virtualization which lacks performance and security. In addition, Cloud WordPress hosting uses Intel’s Hex-Core CPU with RAID SSD storage and dedicated ECC RAM that makes it highly robust.

Suitable choice for

  • Web or application developers
  • Small, Medium-sized businesses
  • Larger enterprises


  • Scale up or down hosting power anytime depending on your traffic (Scalable)
  • Comes with hourly based plans
  • You are in high level of control over hosting (root access)
  • Flexibility in choosing hosting plans anytime


  • Downtime and outage can be seen more often in a cloud hosting
  • Requires a high level of programming language
  • It becomes vulnerable to hackers if not secured properly
  • You need to set up everything from a web server to database
  • If anything goes wrong or server crashes, you have to it by yourself

WordPress Cloud hosting is really powerful if you can create a better server environment for it. It requires an advanced level of coding to create a high-performance blog at an economical price. Even a $10 Cloud hosting can manage up to 10 million of monthly traffic if optimized correctly.

So if you want to host your WordPress site in Cloud hosting and need a helping hand, perhaps Cloudways is the easiest way to do it. It requires absolutely no coding skill to start a highly scalable and power WordPress blog with Cloudways.

4. Managed WordPress Hosting

wordpress managed hosting type

All the different types of WordPress hosting that we have mentioned here are unmanaged hosting. However, a Managed WordPress hosting is fully optimized by a team of hosting experts. These experts make the best server environment for your WordPress site and take care of everything that goes wrong. In other words, Managed WordPress hosting is a specialized and more professional kind of web hosting.

Suitable choice for

  • WooCommerce/eCommerce shopping site
  • Very high blog/magazine/news traffic


  • The fastest WordPress hosting experience
  • High uptime and powerful hosting
  • Daily backup and automatic WordPress updates
  • A high layer of security from hackers
  • Priority 24X7 technical support


  • Costs slightly higher than budget hosting
  • Less control over your hosting server
  • Available exclusively for WordPress

5. Dedicated WordPress Hosting

wordpress dedicated hosting type

It is the most powerful type of hosting that you can buy to host WordPress site. Unlike any other kind of web hosting, Dedicated hosting does not share with any other user. In fact, you get a dedicated RAM and CPU which is capable to handle an excessive number of queries per second. You can lease your dedicated

Suitable choice for

  • Any type of CMS/Script/Wordpress/Application
  • Larger corporate website with huge traffic (in millions)


  • The best web hosting you can buy online
  • Can handle an extreme amount of daily traffic
  • Full control over your server
  • High reliability on performance
  • Ability to host various websites


  • Expensive bill every month
  • Chances of occasional hardware failure
  • You are responsible for server error and maintenance

So these are the list of major WordPress web hosting type. If you have a question, you can ask me in the comment box.

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