Best Cheap WordPress Hosting 2019: Monthly and Yearly Plan

If you are an entry level blogger, a cheap WordPress hosting is always a great choice. I am sure; you don’t want to waste your money buying the hosting service you don’t even need. The problem here is that a premium web hosting costs high and if you don’t get enough traffic to repay that cost, it is ultimately your loss. Instead, a cheap WordPress hosting will save your money while you can focus more on your blog content.

cheap wordpress hosting 2018

In this post, I have tried to provide you the best WordPress hosting at the cheapest price possible while balancing a good server performance. I have selected these cheap WordPress hosting companies on the basis of the following factors.

  • An affordable pricing
  • High industry level performance
  • Great reliability and customer support

A cheap hosting plan doesn’t only mean less price but also performance. We should make sure that it is a fast web host for WordPress and gives maximum uptime. In addition to this, we should also get great tech support to fix the server issues.

So here is the list of the cheapest WordPress hosting for 2019.

1. Bluehost

bluehost cheap wordpress hosting

Support4.8 Points
Price$2.95 / Month
Renewal Price$7.99 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
Bluehost is the most reliable WordPress hosting when it comes to after sale support and uptime. Bluehost has been around for more than a decade, serving more than a million active websites. Starting with an affordable hosting price of only $2.95 per month, Bluehost gives you many other essential benefits with every plan.

The basic plan starts at $2.95 per month which is valid if you go for the three-year plan. If you go for an annual plan, then it will cost you $4.95 per month which is still cheap. The basic plan is suitable for a personal website or any website with less than 30k monthly traffic. If you expect more traffic from your Wordpress site, you can pick more power hosting plans.

Bluehost hosting key points

  • Official WordPress recommends Bluehost
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate (security)
  • Best technical support
  • Highest uptime in the industry
  • cPanel (hosting managing dashboard)
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Overall, you can set up a complete WordPress blog within 10 minutes after signing up for any hosting plan. It’s easy to get started with Bluehost using various help knowledgebase and tech support.

2. Hostinger

hosting cheap wordpress hosting monthly plan

Support4.2 Points
Price$0.80 / Month
Renewal Price$7.99 / Month
Servers3 Locations
Our Ratings4.7 Stars
Dirt cheapest yet the well-known American web hosting company, Hostinger offers to host for your WordPress site for only $0.80 per month. It is the lowest price you can pay to get your website online with industry level hosting. Unlike Bluehost, it doesn’t offer free domain and SSL with this plan, but it does provide a pure hosting experience.

The $0.80 plan is valid if you purchase the hosting plan for three months after that $5.99 per month. Keeping this in mind, you can also go for an annual plan which starts for just $2.39 per month. I think paying this much money won’t hurt your pocket as it’s under budget.

Hostinger hosting key points

  • Insanely high average uptime (99.97%)
  • SSD powered drives (fast data transfer rate)
  • Worldwide data centre availability
  • Enough monthly bandwidth (100 GB)
  • Comes with 30 days refund policy

I think paying 80 cents monthly for a well managed hosting service cannot get cheaper than this. Also, you will get other benefits like Hotlink protection, one-click WordPress installation, and stable Linux server hosting. I have dropped a link below in case you are interested in buying Hostinger hosting for your WordPress blog.

3. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting most affordable hosting plans for wordpress

Support4.5 Points
Price$3.92 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Our Ratings4.5 Stars
A2 Hosting is listed first in our fastest WordPress hosting result, and it also comes at a reasonable price. By paying less than $100, you can get A2 Hosting for two years straight. A2 Hosting gives you a dominant WordPress hosting package for only $3.92, monthly. A2 Hosting is one of the fastest emerging web hosting company so far. It is all possible because of their inexpensive hosting package with power performance. Customers are highly satisfied with A2 Hosting so far because, in our test result, we also found a good uptime and website performance.

I believe $3.92 monthly hosting plan can handle the traffic of 50-90k pretty easy. However, a rate of $3.92 per month is applicable only if you purchase the plan for a minimum of two years. If you are looking to host more traffic than 100k+, then go for any higher plan. I think the combination of A2 Hosting with WordPress is very stable.

A2 Hosting key points

  • Fine-tuned hosting optimized for WordPress
  • Excellent after sale technical support staff
  • Free SSL certificate for your visitor’s privacy
  • SSD powered drives
  • Free global CDN integration with Cloudflare
  • Anytime money back guarantee

A2 Hosting costs slightly more as compared to other hosting companies, but it speeds up your WordPress website. It is suitable for personal WordPress blog or low – medium range traffic. Click the below link to signup for A2 Hosting plan.

4. FastComet

fastcomet cheap wordpress hosting


Support4.9 Points
Price$2.95 / Month
Servers8 Locations
Our Ratings4.9 Stars
FastComet is a smart hosting provider which utilizes SSD cloud servers to build a strong WordPress website. It offers a maximum number of features as compared to any other hosting listed on this article. I really love the FastComet server integration with leading Global CDN and malware protection. FastComet lowest plan costs you only $2.95 per month. It like a plug and play server for your WordPress site and it believe it can handle up to 100k of monthly traffic if optimized correctly. FastComet is my favorite and one of the best web hosting of 2019.

Not to mention that this is not a monthly plan instead of its a 36-month plan (three years). On the other hand, if you go with the annual plan, it will cost you $4.95 which is costlier. In this case, I would highly recommend you to go for three years plan by paying a one time fee of $106.20 and rest assured for the next three years.

FastComet Cloud hosting key points

  • Free domain name registration forever
  • Fast SSD in drives and mySQL database
  • Latest PHP and WordPress version available
  • Strong uptime and customer support panel
  • Worldwide location based Datacenters
  • cPanel support with Cloudflare CDN integration
  • Daily website backup (no extra charge)
  • 45 days money-back guarantee

FastComet is highly rated for customer tech support and well as uptime. On a monthly average, your WordPress website may go down for about 8 minutes. It has been the incredible uptime maintained by FastComet over the past few months. So, go for it without a second thought, link below.

5. iPage

ipage cheap wordpress hosting 2018

Support4.5 Points
Price$1.99 / Month
Renewal Price$7.99 / Month
Servers2 Locations
Our Ratings4.6 Stars
iPage is one of the trusted web hosting company, and it has attractive yet economical hosting packages. You can get started with iPage by paying a monthly amount of $1.99 only. I have recommended iPage since it is a transparent hosting company and hosting packages are quite simplified. There is no hidden cost besides the hosting plan.

The price of iPage shared hosting is very reasonable and inexpensive. Ofcourse, $1.99 it is not a monthly based plan, infact its three year based plan. To get this hosting plan at $1.99 monthly, you need to buy it for at least three years. Overall, the aggregate cost of three years iPage WordPress hosting is $71.64 only. If you are looking for an annual plan, you have to pay a sum of $35.88 yearly ($2.99 per month).

Note: These are the promotional prices of iPage, after that, you have to pay a regular fee of $7.99 per month. So choose wisely if you really need it. Also, it does not come with cPanel.

iPage Hosting key points

  • Comes with a free domain name
  • Great support and uptime
  • Free SSL certificate is also included
  • Website builder to launch your site faster
  • One-click WordPress installation ready
  • Sitelock security integration from malware
  • 30 days money back guarantee

The hosting is effective to deliver the great performance of dynamic as well as the static site. However, consider buying this hosting package for a low traffic website or WordPress blog. Here is the link to buy the iPage hosting package.


Cheapest Wordpress Hosting Comparison 2018

RankWeb Host NamePricePlan TermsFinal Price
1Bluehost$2.75/mo3 Years$99.00
2Hostinger$0.80/mo3 Months$2.40
2A2 Hosting$3.92/mo2 Years$93.96
4FastComet$2.95/mo3 Years$106.20
5iPage$1.99/mo3 Years$71.64

So these are the industry level best cheapest WordPress hosting companies that are listed on the bases of various test results. After you buy one of these cheap WordPress hostings, I would highly encourage you to install W3 Total Cache plugin to your WordPress site. This plugin will certainly make your site three times faster. Also if you are struggling with slow web speed, here is the answer on why your website is slow.

Try fixing the problem and you are good to go. If you need more hosting optimization tip then click here. That is all for now. Please do comment if you have any questions regarding WordPress hosting, i would love to answer them.

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