Best Fastest WordPress Hosting for 2019: Reviews and Comparison

We use WordPress CMS for many reasons but generally its very easy to set up, free of cost, provides better SEO and features a lot of customization. If a WordPress blog receives a decent amount of traffic, we cannot compromise with its hosting speed. That is why there are so many hosting companies that provide “Specialized and Fastest WordPress hosting.” A WordPress web host is specially designed to tune up with official WordPress “system recommendation” to deliver high performance even in high traffic. That is why there are so many managed and shared hosting package available exclusively for WordPress.

fastest wordpress hosting 2018

It’s terrific that over the past five years, every WordPress hosting company has optimized their server’s performance. Overall, almost every single WordPress hosting provider is fast, but we are here to pick the best of them right? Please rest assured that every Hosting company I have listed here has excellent 24/7 support as well as uptime. I have just to check which hosting is fast for your blog or business.

While I have also listed some of the best WordPress hosting sites but this article is specifically for fastest WordPress hosting. Let’s check out some of the top performing fastest web hosting companies that are leading the year 2019 market.

1. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting fastest WordPress hosting

Support4.5 Points
Price$3.92 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Money Back Yes, Anytime
Our Ratings4.5 Stars
A2 Hosting is clearly outranking its competitors and dominating the year 2019 as the fastest WordPress hosting provider. I am here talking about their “WordPress Swift Plan” which is a budget and optimized performance plan.

The most exclusive feature I like in A2 Hosting is the reverse proxy server integration with Cloudflare. This kind of integration increase not only the web page speed but also the security and reliability for a long time.

The processor power is dual core with 2.1 GHz clock speed, and virtual memory of 1 GB is also a plus point. Here is why A2 Hosting is my top choice.

A2 Optimized Feature

Another great advantage of using A2 hosting is the accessibility to use “A2 Optimized” feature. A2 Optimized is a plugin available exclusively for WordPress to create an enhanced server environment by the auto-configuring the compression level and building cache. As a result, your content readers will experience up to six times more page load speed. A2 WordPress hosting grants you the latest PHP, MySQL, and Apache version which is equally crucial for the fast executing time of internal processes and keeping the host steady at the same time.

SSD and Fast Network Out Speed

Most of the people won’t notice this, but A2 Hosting uses SSD drives for Database, Files and Server which makes the transfer incredible. On the top of that, the network out speed is insanely high (10 GB per second).

Server Location

A2 hosting covers the US, Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia. It means that traffic coming from these part of the world get the best speed from your website.

Overall Features

A2 Hosting is also an excellent choice for newbies as it gives you simple UI to manage your WordPress site. Features like Pre-installed WordPress with every order, WordPress site migration, periodic Security scans are beneficial for nerds.

So, overall, I would recommend this fast WordPress hosting for the location close to USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore. This simple selection can lower the latency time for your visitors means quick loading time.

2. FastComet

fastcomet fastest WordPress web hosting

Support4.9 Points
Price$2.95 / Month
Servers8 Locations
Money Back Yes, 45 Days
Our Ratings4.9 Stars
I love this Web hosting company for many reasons, and I will show you why exactly FastComet is the fastest WordPress hosting right now. FastComet has a variety of outstanding feature, take a look.

SSD Drives

If you are one of those WordPress bloggers, who upload a lot of multimedia perhaps SSD is a great choice over instead of HDD. I am not saying that it will increase your page load speed drastically by almost three times faster. So, it’s a win-win situation right?

Cloudflare CDN Integration

If you know about Content Delivery Networks, you have probably heard about Cloudflare. If not, let me explain you it in short and simple lines. Cloudflare copy the static files of your web page such as CSS, JavaScript, Images and more extensions to make a cache of each file. Later it distributes these files on its different server location, worldwide. Finally, when a visitor tries to open your WordPress page, Cloudflare make sure to server the cache of all requested file from the closest local server. This simple integration makes your WordPress page loads quicker and faster from your competitor blogs. This service comes coupled with any FastComent hosting plan.

Maximum Datacenter (Eight)

fastcomet datacenters

I hardly know any WordPress hosting company that has eight global data center. Perhaps it is the only web hosting that can give you an opportunity to choose the server location of your choice. Here is the breakdown of the data center traffic

  • Chicago: fast for US, Canadian and UK traffic
  • Dallas: fast for North-American and South-American traffic
  • Newark: fast for Easter-US, UK and Canadian traffic
  • Frankfurt: fast for African and European traffic
  • London: fast for European, Canadian and Eastern-US traffic
  • Amsterdam: fast for West-Asian, European traffic
  • Singapore: fast for South-Asian, Indian and Australian (Oceania) traffic
  • Tokyo: fast for East-Asian traffic

Dedicated Technical WordPress Support

I would love to give an extra rating to the FastComet support staff. Not only you can read their tutorials on setting up a WordPress website, but also you can also ask for support. By support, I mean technical support. Yes, I know that many WordPress users don’t have full knowledge about it. However, you can ask for FastComet support team for any technical as well as non-technical help.

Overall Features

This fastest WordPress hosting plan includes some of the rich and premium features.

  1. Free lifetime domain name
  2. Free domain transfer
  3. Daily and Weekly WordPress backups
  4. Spam free website service by Spam Experts
  5. Very cheap hosting price

So, I would highly recommend you to consider choosing FastComet as your next WordPress blog, Woocommerce or Business sites.

3. Interserver

interserver fast WordPress hosting

Support4.8 Points
Price$5.00 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Money Back Yes, 30 Days
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
Interserver is an underrated and fastest WordPress web hosting service that gives you so many benefits by paying $5 per month. I have recently tried Interserver standard plan and I was really amazed by its performance and how quick the server was responding. Let’s check what makes Interserver out of the box here.

Inter-Proxy Caching + Cloudflare

If you have read my previous articles, you should be able to understand that page Caching is important. A cached page can take off the load from the primary server and thus the page responses faster, every time, for everyone. This mechanism is developed by Interserver which coupled with Cloudflare to serve a rever-proxied caching to end users. Furthermore, Packet level caching is also there which is developed by Google for reduced connection times. All the softwares are also Cached with LSCache which reduce the load on the origin server. Thanks to cache, in peak time (when you receive high traffic) your WordPress site will perform as fast and smooth as in normal time.

SSD Level Transfer + 50% Server Utilization

Interserver is using Raid 10 HDD drives and on the top of that, it also using SSD Caching (as I mentioned above). Unlike popular web hosting companies, Interserver servers are not flooded and that is why they let you use upto 50% of main server resource in their shared hosting plans. It means that, In high traffic situations, your hosting power will be automatically upgraded by itself without paying any extra bucks. I love this feature very much and it shows how exceptionally Interserver is supporting their customers.

Fastest Web Server + Scalable Service

It uses LiteSpeed which is Wolrd’s faster web server as it uses less CPU and RAM. Interserver is one of the few companies who actually use LiteSpeed as a web server, other use Apache. Also, if you want more power on your website then you can move to their VPS or Dedicated plan. You can do this without experiencing any downtime on your website. This scalable service surely costs few bucks but you can improve your web hosting speed by 20 times fast.


Interserver is an Ideal choice for the US, UK, European and Canadian based traffic as your website loads faster in this location. It is all because of lower latency time and a fast 10 Gbps Ethernet connection out speed. So I would say, you can blindly go with their service as they know how to build a great WordPress hosting infrastructure.

4. Bluehost

bluehost fastest WordPress hosting

Support4.8 Points
Price$2.75 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Money BackYes, 30 Days
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
A beloved hosting companion that holds quality service for many years, Bluehost is standing third in our list. Check out the factors that make Bluehost faster.

Recommend by

The official WordPress officials believe that Bluehost is the best pick for your WordPress blog. Well, it is undoubtedly a fast WordPress host because of the servers are tweaked to deliver maximum performance at the user end. After all, Bluehost knows what kind of hardware required for a  WordPress type of site. Also, they provide the periodic automatic update to your WordPress site so that your website always receives fast performance and security checks.

Optimized for 50k Monthly Traffic

If you have a low to mid-range traffic WordPress site, Bluehost is probably a decent choice here. You can pretty much host almost 50k visitors a month on Bluehost. Thanks to the SSD and Apache web server tweak, the performance of your web pages will never fade. Also, WordPress has the highest Uptime score which means that your web pages will face lesser downtime as compared to other web hosts.

Overall Features

Every Bluehost hosting plan has a 1-click WordPress installation which takes only 5 minutes to set up your brand new site. Also, you get some additional features like

  1. Free domain name with hosting plan
  2. Free SSL security included
  3. Get custom emails (good for small businesses)
  4. WordPress themes library with hundreds of templates

So If you own a small business and want to set up a blog, you should get the starter Bluehost WordPress plan. Bluehost is a fastest WordPress host for US, UK, and European traffic. Nevertheless, considering avoiding Bluehost for Australian or Asian based traffic. Perhaps A2 Hosting FastComet is an excellent choice for Asian traffic.

5. Hostgator

hostgator fast WordPress web hosting

Support4.9 Points
Price$5.95 / Month
Servers2 Locations
Money BackNo
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
It’s not a secret that Hostgator is one of the world’s top ten web hosting service provider. It has been there for years because it provides a reliable service for its users. Moreover, Hostgator is a fast hosting provider, especially for a WordPress site and the plan I am discussing here is a powerful Cloud plan. Let me explain to you why.

Supercharged Cloud Environment

The doors of possibility open when you use cloud hosting for WordPress. Hostgator is no exception. It gives you multi-layer cache build with CDN support. This makes your website 2 times faster as well as secure. You can step and step down your Cloud power anytime you want and the bill will adjust as per usage. You can hit a 200k visitor per month using with a fastest loading WordPress site.

Equal Server Resources Distribution

wodpress cloud hosting distribution

As you know that all cloud hosting users utilize resources from a  primary server. And Hostgator is one of those web hosting company which distributes an equal amount of resource to all of the shared hosting users. This simple method avoids server abuse, and every shared hosting user gets maximum speed on their website.

Updated Programming and Database

Hostgator WordPress hosting plan comes with updated programming like latest Apache, PHP Version, MySQL, and Cpanel. These updated programs somehow reduce the executing time of codes and thus makes WordPress web page load faster. Moreover, you get these updates installed in one click using simple Cpanel designed to manage WordPress site.

Drawback: No Cpanel support and Hostgator can only deliver the fastest performance in limited locations.


Hostgator provide some more premium features that include in this plan, as

  1. Free SSL Certification for security
  2. Free Website and Domain transfer
  3. Spam management with SpamAssassin

No doubt that Hostgator is a solid choice to build a low traffic site for the US and UK based traffic. However, if you want to host higher Worldwide traffic with fast speed probably you will feel some performance issue.

Fastest Wordpress Hosting Comparison

RankWeb Host NameServer LocationsStorage/CacheCost
1A2 HostingFourSSD/Yes$3.92/mo
5Hostgator CloudTwoSSD/Yes$5.95/mo

A Web host is not the only one who is responsible for your Website speed, but it also your WordPress optimization. I would encourage you to read my post on how to speed up a WordPress site. This guide will surely help you to make your page load within 3 seconds.

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