What is Web Hosting Disk Space and How Much Storage is Sufficient?

Web hosting disk space plays a vital role when it comes purchasing a web hosting plan for your next project. You may have seen different disk storage option with bandwidth under web hosting plans. However, selecting more cost efficient disk space is important here. In this post, I will clear your all doubts.

What is Web Hosting Disk Space?

what is web hosting disk space

Web hosting disk space is storage capacity that determines how much data you can upload online. It is like a virtual SSD or Hard drive which gives you a fix amount memory storage (in GB) so that you can host your files. Likewise, more disk space means you can upload more data securely.

Usage of Disk Space

The disk space can be used to store multiple types of files

  • Store video or audio for streaming or download
  • Upload and host documents like PDF, DOCX, XLSX
  • Hosting website files (PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, etc.)

Types of Disk Space

types of disk storage

You should consider this point important because you must know what kind of Disk space are you getting while buying a hosting package. Afterall at the end of the day, it makes a huge difference concerning your website overall performance. So there are two types of Disk space, listed as

  1. HDD (Hard Disk Drive) (Mechanical)
  2. SSD (Solid State Drive) (Microchip)

The most noteworthy point is that SSD is actually 3 times faster than HDD drives. So, always set your preference to choose SSD disk space instead of HDD.

Understanding How Much Storage is Sufficient?

Well, it is simple math to understand how much storage you really need. It all depends on the type of website you are working.

  • 25 GB is enough for personal blogging (only images are allowed to upload)
  • More than 1 TB disk space is required to host an audio streaming site ( upload over 200k songs)
  • 10 GB or less is sufficient for a small business website or portfolio site

What is Unmetered Disk Space?

Some hosting provider label the Disk space as “Unmetered” which really means that you can upload files beyond the limit. However, if you keep uploading a ridiculous amount of data, your hosting account may get suspended later.

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