Is Choosing a Fast Web Hosting Based on Page Load Time Right?

So many people pick a web host on the basis of their page load time. It is a misconception because of the fact that “page load time” never defines how fast is your web hosting. In fact, it all depends on your hosting server location and page optimization.

Here is the impact of server location and page optimization in page load time.

impact on page load time

Let’s talk about it in detail,

A “page load time” is the total amount time taken to download a full page on your browser including all the JS, CSS, images and other files. Of course, less “page load time” means faster server performance but that doesn’t mean your web host is fast for everyone. The major problem here is the origin server location.

does page load matters to select fast hosting

1. Remote Origin Hosting Location

Most of the premium web hosting companies provide a reliable and scalable hosting service. However, wrong selection of hosting location can make your web pages load slower than a snail. For example, if you try to access a website from India, which is being hosted in New York, then it will take a massive amount of extra time to get all the content from that website. By massive amount, I mean around 3-4 extra seconds, which is a lot of time for a progressive small business. Surprisingly, the same site loads faster in the United States and a bit slower in Europe.

You really cannot complain about your web host for the slow page load time. I am giving you another example of my own blog. As I have tested it from the different server locations, I’ve found these results.

Tested with Pingdom and my blog’s origin hosting location is Ney York City.

Result From New York City, USA

new york city page load time result

Result From San Jose, USA

san jose page load time result

Result From Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm page load time

Result From Melbourne, Australia

melbourne page load time result

As you can see, the same page of my blog has different page load time and because Australia is farthest from my origin server location, its page load time is almost eight times more than the closest location which is New York City.

2. Page Optimization

The page optimization has 70% impact on your “page load time”. From the above screenshot, you can see my page size is 224.7kb which is below than 500kb, and it’s excellent. To get this low page weight, you need to do a lot of optimization on your website. After implementing all the optimizations, your web host will respond faster than before.

Also, try to lower the number of external files. A large number of external files can increase page load time. Each external files add additional time which is categorised as

  • DNS Lookup time
  • SSL connection time
  • Connecting time to host
  • Sending request time
  • Waiting time
  • Receive data time

external links increases page load time

Pingdom shows all the external files on the test result. As you can see that my blog has a total of 6 distinct external links, which is good.

external files load on hosting speed

If I use fewer external links, I can make my web host quicker. It’s just that simple.

Not only these two, but there are other 12 factors that can cause a slow web hosting performance.

Does Shared Hosting Impacts the Page Load Timing?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which different websites share a “Main Host”. These websites use the resource from the same Main host.

fast shared hosting page load time

In the earlier days, the distribution of shared hosting was unbalanced. For example, if one of the websites was getting really heavy traffic, then it was causing slow performance issues on other sites which were hosted on the same “Main host.” Back then, the “Main Host” resource was not distributed evenly to all the website.

Now things have changed, shared hosting providers have become smarter by providing an equal amount of hardware power supply to all website by defining a limit. If a website crosses that limit, it will cause the internal server error for only that site, not for all.

All websites being hosted on shared hosting do not have the same “Page load time”. Different sites will have different page load time, depend on their optimization methods.

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