How to Choose a Fast Web Hosting Service?

Whenever you hear the term “Fast web hosting,” the first thing that comes to your mind should be the “load time.” The lower is the load time, the faster is your web hosting.

However, there are so many factors that can affect the load time. So in this topic, I am going to explain all those factors so that you can easily choose the fastest web hosting service for your online business.

how to choose fastest web host

1. Check the Server Location Availability

A hosting server location is really really important to minimize the latency and page load time. For example, if you want to run an online coffee shop in France and want to attract all the local customers, then you should pick a web host that is close to France. This simple selection can make your website content load faster and consistent.

If you want to test your web hosting speed online, then you can do this by using any “Page Speed Testing” tools. All of these tools can tell you the page load time but for a specific region. Let’s understand this with an example, check this image

web hosting load time as per location

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The load time depends upon the distance between your origin server and the requested server location. Let’s take an example that your origin server location is in California, the US and you are testing a page speed from New York then your network will experience a time delay which adds up with your usual page load time. It happens due to the fact that the shortest distance between California and New York is high, i.e., 2,441 miles.

The same page load time decreases when you try to check a page load time from Washinton DC. It happens because of the shortest distance between California, and Washinton DC is only 952 miles.

With the help of this example, you have now understood that choosing correct server location can make your hosting faster without doing anything. Shortest the distance between origin hosting location and visitors, the fastest is your web host becomes.

Many websites will recommend you to go with a web host which has a fast “page load time,” but they forget to mention the web hosting location. In fact, the truth is that we should not judge a web host by its page load time. Read this article for more transparency.

The page load time doesn’t count while choosing the fastest web host because it will always change as per your website visitor’s location.

So select the best web host which is closest to your targetted audience.

2. Choose SSD over HDD Storage

fast web hosting requires ssd storage

As you have learned above that choosing a fast web host doesn’t depend on “page load speed” but it does depend on the “transfer rate.” Majority of web hosting are still using conventional HDD storage which is three times slower than SSD storage.

Whenever your web page shows an image on a visitor’s browser, it primarily transfers the file from your storage to the visitor’s browser. If more visitors browse your website, your storage drive has to move more data quickly. That’s why we need SSD storage space because it can deliver files faster, even in the high traffic hours.

Unlike mechanical HDD, SSD is more reliable as it is useful to make data recovery by preventing write access and giving read-only access even after the end of life.

3. Pick Fast Network In and Out Speed

Not many web hosting reveals how faster their network in and out speed. The rapid transfer rate means you can reach to your audience quickly. One of the Cloud hosting companies provides the network in and out speed in their pricing chart.

web hosting network in out speed in mbps

Finally, these are the list of factors that you should keep in mind before selecting a fast web host company for your online business.

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