5 Fastest Bootstrap CDN Link: Latest Version 4 (4.3.1) Free

If you are a web developer and coding your website on bootstrap framework, then it is always great to use CDN link for the bootstrap files. We use bootstrap because it is lightweight and customizable. Not only this bootstrap is compatible with almost all major browsers and is responsive in nature. So, we can say that Bootstrap is readymade and open-source framework to build a quick website design.

bootstrap cdn link

Why Bootstrap CDN Link?

First of all, we need to understand why we need a bootstrap CDN link in the first place. A Bootstrap CSS is a type of HTML file which is responsible for the overall design, and it loads whenever a user tries to open a webpage. So, in order to minimize this continuous load from the primary server, we use a CDN link of this CSS file. Because Bootstrap is a very popular framework, there are many CDN links available. Moreover, all the listed CDN links have SSL enabled (secured) and are also minified (takes less size).

Here are some of the fastest Bootstrap 4 CDN link

1. Microsoft Ajax CDN Link

CSS Minified Link


JS Minified Link


microsoft ajax bootstrap cdn link speed test

The fastest Bootstrap CDN link is provided by Microsoft Ajax (a premium CDN network) according to our test results. I would highly recommend you to go with Microsoft CDN links because the performance has been stable in major locations worldwide. It beats Cloudflare in terms of CDN latency time and full load time.

2. Cloudflare Link

CSS Minified Link


JS Minified Link


cloudflare bootstrap cdn link speed test

Cloudflare has the second fastest bootstrap CDN link (as compared to Microsoft Ajax CDN) which servers the latest 4.3 version. Cloudflare is free and servers the JS and CSS files from its 165 data-center around the globe. Here is the speed test result of Cloudflare CDN.

3. Stackpath Link

CSS Minified Link


JS Minified Link


stackpath bootstrap cdn link speed test

Stackpath is one of the globally known and new CDN networks. You can take advantage of Stackpath by hosting the Bootstrap files in Stackpath servers. It serves your CDN files from 45 Edge Locations worldwide so that you don’t feel any connectivity issue and get lower latency possible.

4. MaxCDN Link

CSS Minified Link


JS Minified Link


maxcdn bootstrap cdn link speed test

Stackpath now owns MaxCDN services, but you can still use their CDN link to host bootstrap CSS and JS files on MaxCDN. As you can see in the speed test result that MaxCDN has been fast in several locations except a few.

5. NetDNA Link

CSS Minified Link


JS Minified Link


netdna bootstrap cdn link speed test

NetDNA has a promising bootstrap CDN links which have a fast loading speed across various locations. However, the main concern with NetDNA is the latency time in few regions and it performs very poorly. If you want to serve your website files in limited locations (mentioned as green locations) then you can go with NetDNA CDN link.

So these are the fastest free bootstrap CDN links that are quite promising and widely used. If you are looking for more free WordPress CDN or maybe best image CDN services, click on the links.

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