Best Web Hosting for Small Business eCommerce 2019

When you build an eCommerce website, you are creating the industry level small business. You should know that selling your stuff online is one of the hardest goals. However, if you have enough Digital Marketing experience, your small business can grow to a large scale in a very short period of time.

Of course, any small business can grow big, but you need to build a reliable infrastructure for that. Here I am talking about the core foundation of your Small eCommerce Business, i.e., a web hosting.

An eCommerce website requires a solid server resource to deliver dynamic content back to your visitors. So, a low level Shared hosting plan is not an excellent choice for your Small Business eCommerce site. Instead, you need a Virtual, Specialized or high power Business hosting. Also, we need to keep our monthly expenses under control.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business eCommerce 2018

So here are our primary objectives before selecting a best Small Business Ecommerce hosting.

  • Deliver a maximum number of dynamic content request per second
  • A good figure of Datacenter around the globe
  • Have a fast response time to every single query
  • Give large bandwidth to transfer data
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Good support staff
  • Scalability (optional)

Therefore I have tested and listed the best web hosting providers for Small Business eCommerce website. These web hosting companies are comparatively better than other mainstream hosting brands. So whether if you are an entrepreneur or a company, you should pick the right host for your domain. Let’s get started.

1. FastComet

FastComet web hosting small business eCommerce

Support4.9 Points
Price$9.95 / Month
Servers8 Locations
Money Back Yes, 45 Days
Our Ratings4.9 Stars
I am putting FastComet as the number one provider to host an eCommerce website for your Small Business. This hosting company has been around for six years now and emerging as one of the best hosting providers. First of all, the FastComet hosting price is under budget and also, the features of hosting create a robust environment to launch a beautiful eCommerce website in minutes.

The plan I am referring here is FastComet “SpeedUp” plan which is a Cloud hosting plan to build a large scale site. Now, if you know about cloud hosting, it is flexible and has a more dominant hardware combination. So there is no doubt that your eCommerce website is in the safe hands. Let’s talk about what features I have liked in FastComet hosting.

FastComet Hosting Technical Details

  • Get three times more power on RAM and CPU (means quicker response)
  • SSD support to increase the transfer rate of data with your buyers.
  • Free global CDN integration with Cloudflare (keeps your site safe from threats)
  • Your primary server will have three times lesser load than standard shared servers
  • It is using Litespeed LSAPI to increase PHP performance which is used by eCommerce CMS like WooCommerce
  • Varnish Cache, OPcode Cache, APC, WAF, and Memcached to decrease server load
  • The number of server location is large which is Eight

So far we have learned that how fast is FastComet hosting. Speed is essential because one-second delay on your page loading can bring down sales by 30%. Currently, FastComet is one of the fastest web hosting provider of 2019. Now let’s see some of the additional features of FastComet.

Free Features of FastComet Hosting

  • Get a free domain name for life
  • Free GlobalSign SSL with a dynamic seal
  • Free real-time machine learning server security with BitNinja
  • Hide your hosting privacy with private DNS
  • FastComet experts themselves do a free site transfer
  • Daily site backup so that you will not lose your website data accidentally
  • Make your shopping site easily using site-builder (no coding required)
  • Comes with free cPanel dashboard
  • Free 24/7 support from staff on any technical query

FastComet knows how to manage their customer’s requirements that is why they have startup guides on creating new websites. Also, the team will themselves migrate your site from your previous server to FastComet cloud servers. So, all these features play a crucial role in building a creative eCommerce website.

2. Bluehost

bluehost best web hosting small business eCommerce 2018

Support4.8 Points
Price$8.95 / Month
Servers4 Locations
Money BackYes, 30 Days
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
Bluehost is one of the most reputed web hosting company founded in 2003. Bluehost provides a specialized web hosting for Woocommerce with its Plus plan.

I would strongly recommend Bluehost for only those who do not have coding knowledge. Bluehost gives you the power to create your beautiful eCommerce site within 10 minutes by doing some few clicks.

On the top of that, you get preinstalled Woocommerce with WordPress to get the head start. So, all you need is to focus on your Small Business sales, not on your web host performance.

Bluehost Technical Hosting Details

  • You will get unlimited storage and bandwidth to transfer data publically
  • Make absolutely spam free website with SpamExperts integration
  • You get a free Cpanel to manage your site on a simple dashboard
  • Get three times faster transfer rate with SSD

Free Features of Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting

  • Very easy to set up your online shop
  • Choose from hundreds of Woocommerce theme
  • Include better and secure payment gateways for the transactions
  • Get one free domain with your hosting plan
  • Free SSL certificate by Positive SSL to secure your customer’s privacy
  • Free dedicated IP to protect your domain privacy on a shared server
  • Easy to customize your online store
  • $100 worth of marketing credits for CPC, CPM ads

So Bluehost hosting is for those, who have “no” or “a little” experience on hosting a domain. With Bluehost, you get all the basic to advanced level eCommerce hosting which is enough to serve your purpose.

3. MDDHosting

MDDhosting best web hosting small business eCommerce

Support4.7 Points
Price$9.99 / Month
Servers1 Location
Money BackYes, 30 Days
Our Ratings4.6 Stars
I have to recommend you another Cloud hosting for your Small Business eCommerce site since cloud hosting can perform better than shared hosting. With this in mind, I would suggest you that you can consider MDDHosting because they also have a firm hosting profile. I am here talking about the MDDHosting’s Cloud1 plan which will cost you around $9.99 per month.

MDDHosting has a very excellent server which balances the performance and user interface at the same time. They exactly know how to shape their server to provide better hosting experience for their customers. That is the reason I choose MDDHosting over many other orthodox hosting providers. Take a look at the MDDHosting benefits.

MDDHosting Cloud Technical Details

  • Get one core CPU and 1GB RAM with unlimited storage and bandwidth (scalable)
  • StorPool will make sure that your website will never go down (100% uptime)
  • Get nine times faster I/O operations per second with Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Supports Litespeed cache (reduce response time)
  • Get root access with SSH (for advanced users)
  • Free ModSecurity WAF firewall protection
  • Comes with optimized Cloudflare global CDN network (improves latency)
  • It is using the world’s fastest web server “LiteSpeed” on the top of Apache

Free Features of MDDHosting Cloud

  • Free cPanel based hosting with SSH access
  • Build your website with simple drag and drop using SiteBuilder
  • Absolutely free SSL certificate for your eCommerce site
  • Free website transfer with daily offsite backup
  • Excellent technical support staff for every kind of query

4. 1&1

1&1 best eCommerce small business hosting

Support4.2 Points
Price$8.99 / Month
Servers10 Location
Money BackYes, 30 Days
Our Ratings4.4 Stars
1&1 needs no introduction as you probably heard of this giant hosting and registrar company several times. I would recommend 1&1 for a stable, secure, fast eCommerce website. It works on the same principle as Bluehost. However, it has some additional benefits that perform better in high traffic situations.

The hosting package I am talking about is “1&1 Managed WP Unlimited” because, in this plan, you will get stable hardware configuration which should be suitable get your first 50,000 sales. So let’s check what the significant benefits of getting this hosting package for your Small Business.

1&1 Technical Hosting Details

  • 1&1 CDN with Railgun improves your website loading speed by 700% by caching it to the Global network (23 data centers).
  • No spammers, SQL Injection attacks, DDoS attacks, excessive bot crawling to make your eCommerce site response time faster.
  • Get more juice of you hosting with SSD storage as well as SSD Database (Unlimited) with this package.
  • Get free Data Recovery if you have accidentally deleted your web content.

Free Features of 1&1 Woocommerce Hosting

  • Get a free domain name for one year of com, net, org, info, biz, website, club, me extension.
  • You get preinstalled WordPress with Woocommernce and periodic automatic security updates.
  • Get free support from WordPress Experts over 24/7 hotline number or 1&1 community.
  • Secure your shopper’s privacy with a free SSL Wildcard Certificate by DigiCert.

1&1 is optimized yet straightforward hosting platform for any WooCommerce site. 1&1 also has some advanced tools to make your site stable even in high traffic condition. However, the support is available only on calls; do not expect chat or ticket system.

5. DigitalOcean

Digitalocean cloud web hosting-for entrepreneur eCommerce

Support4.6 Points
Price$10 / Month
Servers12 Location
Money BackNo (Hourly Base Charges)
Our Ratings4.8 Stars
DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting company and its just for advanced level users. In other words, you should know how to deploy (build) your server by using specific codes. So there is no free cPanel support or different Dashboard preinstalled on DigitalOcean. It is one the cheapest way to make powerful servers for your next Small Business eCommerce website.

Another thing which impresses me is the “Flexibility” in Digitalocean hosting. You can change your server power (RAM, CPU, Bandwidth) as per your traffic and you will be charged hourly for this (no monthly prepaid charges unlike many other hosting providers). So let’s check some of the significant benefits for hosting your eCommerce website on DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean Cloud Technical Details

  • Freedom to build your server on different Linux-based virtual machines (Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD)
  • Get powerful RAM ranging from 1 GB to 192 GB and CPU ranging from 1 vCPU to  32 vCPUs (enough to handle millions of customers)
  • The data center location is worldwide (New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Bangalore)
  • Everything works on the top of SSD, and you can add extra volume to your server by paying extra cents per GB.
  • Take away load from your origin server by serving your files using DigitalOcean spaces
  • Server dynamic files better with the load balancer

Free Features of DigitalOcean Cloud

  • Transparency in server power, pricing, and your monthly usage
  • Free $100 signup credit with the validity of 2 months
  • Awesome support staff with a community and a lot of documentation for newbies

With DigitalOcean you will not get free features like SSL certificates and free Domain name. Also, you need to set up everything on your own. However, if you compare pricing with server power, you always going to get more power in DigitalOcean servers. So I would only recommend you this hosting for those people who know how to build a server.

Best Web Hosting for Small Business eCommerce Comparison

RankWeb Host NameServer LocationseCommerce PlatformCost
1FastCometEightAny eCommerce$9.95/mo
2MDDHostingOneAny eCommerce$9.99/mo
41&1 HostingTenWooCommerce$8.99/mo
5DigitalOceanTwelveAny eCommerce$10/mo

Finally, if you are not satisfied using any of these hosting providers on the basis of performance then perhaps it is your own fault. There are many numbers of reasons for slow website loading so all you need to fix them to get good results.


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