7 Best Small Business Email Hosting 2019: Create Custom Emails

In this topic, I am about to list some of the best small business email hosting providers for 2019. I have selected these best-rated email hosting providers based on their pricing, usage, and features. If you own a domain name and wonder how you can create custom emails to have a conversation with your clients? Well, you can easily do it with the help of a hosting email service. An email hosting service provider gives you flexibility and eases to send and receive emails securely.

With these mentioned email hosting services, you get 100% mail deliveries and uptime of 99.99%. Also, you can send an unlimited number of emails to your clients. These services will surely help your small business to boost productivity and make a great relationship with your clients and customers.

best small business email hosting

Here is the list of the best email hosting for small business 2019.

 1. G Suite (by Google)

Starting price: $6 per month/user

g suite small business email hosting

Previously known as Google apps for work, G Suite is a collection of Google applications that make your work more collaborative and productive in no time. G Suite provides not only custom professional emails but also storage, calendar, real-time messaging and calling, docs, etc. G Suite is a very useful tool to speed up your small business or large organization using Google cloud’s power. What makes G Suite unique is the ability to access it directly from your browser. Also, you can create a team of 100 users and make your digital work more organized. At Hostingcrown, I highly recommend choosing G Suite for your custom emails.

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G Suite Features

  • Bring the power of Gmail to your business email
  • Comes with a flexible (monthly) as well as a yearly plan
  • 30 GB or unlimited SSD storage across G Suite apps
  • No limit on file attachment size on an email
  • No additional software installation required
  • Smart features like a quick auto-reply, undo send
  • 12 unique apps to skyrocket your small business
  • Access your account from anywhere, anytime using your browser
  • Smooth migration from any other email hosting service
  • Useful to collect, analyze and save clients data

2. Office 365 (by Microsoft)

Starting price: $125 per year/user

office 365 small business email hosting

Office 365 is Microsoft’s custom email solution for your small business. Unlike G Suite, Office 365 has no monthly plans, and you have to commit for a yearly plan. It works on your local computer (requires one-time software installation) as well as on your web browser. So if you’re a Windows user and familiar with how Microsoft office works, then it is recommended to go with Office 365 for your small business. You can create a team of upto 250 users for your business.

Office 365 Features

  • Send and receive emails using popular Microsoft Outlook
  • Comes with 50 GB mailbox and 1 TB of OneDrive file storage
  • Works seamlessly between PC or Mac and mobile
  • Stay connected with your team using real-time chat
  • Restore deleted email accounts anytime

3. Rackspace Webmail

Starting price: $3.99 per month/user

rackspace webmail small business email hosting

Rackspace is a popular, secure email hosting solution and an alternative to G Suite and Office 365. It is a secure IMAP, POP3, SMTP based email hosting that lets you use your business email on a desktop client like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Optionally, you can go with a simple HTML based web-version to access your email using any device. Rackspace is a great emailing solution for any small business but lacks advanced tools such as essential emails, meeting reminders, etc. It allows you to create an unlimited number of emails aliases. Please also note that you should have a minimum of $10 monthly bill to use Rackspace email service.

Rackspace Webmail Features

  • A basic email hosting solution (no filters)
  • Comes with a total of 25GB mailbox storage
  • Create documents and spreadsheets file using cloud platform
  • Attach a file up to 50 MB per mail and 30 GB file storage
  • Sync your emails, data to your mobile device
  • Create an unlimited number of custom emails (addition cost)
  • Email forwarding, Contact Management, and Instant Messaging is available

4. Zoho Mail

Starting price: $3 per month/user or free plan

zoho small business email hosting

Zoho is the cheapest way to create small business emails in no time. If you’ve been searching for email hosting service recently, you may have come across with Zoho mail. The way Zoho mail works is kind of similar to the Rackspace although the emailing becomes is way more organized with Zoho. The web interface is very clean and more natural to compose new emails. You can mark important dates in the calendar, create new tasks, manage contacts and also create notes on the go. Zoho also provides free emailing service for up to 5 users per domain. However, you only get 5 GB of storage with this free plan. Overall, you can say that Zoho is just a better version of Rackspace webmail.

Zoho Features

  • Affordable pricing with complete professional email solution
  • Access it from anywhere and from any device
  • Attach up to 250 MB files per email
  • 5 GB of mail storage with add-on storage upgrade option
  • Works with any third-party software with POP3, IMAP, SMTP
  • Access and edit documents, spreadsheets using Zoho Workplace (additional charges)
  • Advanced emailing features like mail forwarding, undo send, auto-reply
  • Create a group of unlimited users in one account and manage it easily

5. Yahoo Business Email

Starting price: $3.19 per month/user

yahoo small business email hosting

Well, most of us know how fabulous and secure Yahoo personal email is, and now you can use it for your small business. Yahoo mail can bring true emailing experience and productivity to your business in no time. What I mean by true emailing experience is a non-complex setup and easy to access your emails. In no time you can create professional email for your domain and start sending emails. Yahoo mail allows you to create 100 mailboxes (users) per domain and you get more discount if your business requires more mailboxes.

Yahoo Business Email Features

  • Works on Yahoo email web version (very easy to use)
  • Specially designed for small businesses
  • Attach 25 MB file per main and get 1 TB of total storage
  • Comes with analytics to receive insight data from your emails
  • Comprehensive and managed emailing experience like Gmail
  • Allows you to create email forwarding
  • Highly encrypted sending, receiving and auto spam box (no Cybersecurity threats)

6. Amazon WorkMail

Starting price: $4 per month/user

amazon workmail small business email hosting

Amazon WorkMail, another powerful yet a bit complicated solution for your small business email hosting. If you are familiar with Amazon AWS, it should be easy for you to setup WorkMail. Amazon WorkMail works better on desktop or mobile client application (Android or iOS) using the IMAP protocol. It also allows you to access mail through a web browser, but it is not as powerful as G Suite Gmail or Office 365. Your data will be 100% secure and private using Amazon end to end encryption. It offers excellent features like creating unlimited numbers of users per account and archiving your mail data.

  • The IMAP protocol allows you to synchronize your email on multiple devices
  • Get a total of 50GB data storage per user for email
  • Allows you to build and manage your important contacts
  • Get full control over your account
  • Choose your mail the data region with over 10+ locations worldwide

7. Siteground cPanel Email

Starting price: $3.95 per month

siteground small business email hosting

Siteground email hosting is a kind of free email hosting. I don’t have to mention that all the web hosting company that comes with cPanel will always have the option to create unlimited emails for your domain. This is one of the cost-effective ways to send an unlimited number of emails to your clients. As you know that Siteground is one of the fastest web hosting company on our list and that is why I have recommended it to you. With Siteground, you are not only getting secure hosting server your domain but also email hosting including. On the other hand, cPanel email hosting is less credible, less efficient and non-professional as compare to dedicated email hosting services.

Siteground Email Hosting Features

  • Create an unlimited number of users without paying extra
  • Storage from 10GB to 30GB depends on your plan type
  • Get multiple numbers of webmail clients
  • Also works with any desktop and mobile client application like Outlook
  • Reasonable control over spam and comes with a secure connection

Honourable Mention

Here are some more popular email hosting solutions for your small business.

  1. Godaddy Email Hosting ( $1.99 per month/user )
  2. Bluehost Email Hosting ( $2.99 per month/user )
  3. Fastmail Business Email ($3 per month/user)


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